Welcome! On this website, you will find useful information about Bin Li's musical career as a composer, including sound/score samples. For more information on Bin's work in business fields, please connect to his LinkedIn profile. Thanks!
  • 6/2014, Bin's new work "Lighted Fools" will be permiered by Avanti! chamber orhcestra in Finland.
  • 4/2014, Ensemble Lunatik from Quebec will be recording Bin's "What I Have Forgotten".
  • 3/2014, Bin is invited to Sävellyspaja 2014 as a composition fellow in Finland this summer.  
  • 10/2013, Bin is the winner (1st place, national) of 2013 SCI/ASCAP Commissioning Competition for his work "Autobahn Beyond" for Chamber Orchestra.
  • 10/2013, Bin is invited to present his works representing music from Fujian in the Chinese National Symposium for Contemporary Music in October. 
  • 10/2013, Bin is chosen as a finalist for the Barlow Endowment for music composition - "2013 Chinese Commission for the Beijing Modern Music Festival".
  • 9/4/2013, Bin is the featured composer in today's Composers Circle
  • 7/2013, Bin will be attending The Etchings Festival this summer in Auvillar, France, with twelve other emerging composers. The guest composers this year are Georg F. Haas and Fred Lerdahl
  • 8/2012, Bin is the winner of 2012 Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra Composition Competition. 
  • 6/2012, Lake 1B11, concertino for double bass and four musicians was selected to appear in the 49th volume of the Society of Composers Journal of Scores.
  • 4/2012, Bin Li was awarded the 2012 "Dean's Prize" from the Jacobs School of Music, for his composition Cursive, for double bass and piano.
  • 3/2012, Bin has received a fellowship from the Aspen Music Festival and school. This summer, he will be writing for Aspen Percussion Ensemble and joining the festival for its sixty-fourth season.
  • 2/2012, Bin 's senior recital was well received and had attracted an audience of over two hundred from the IU campus. The recital featured two world-premieres: Cursive (for double bass and piano), and Autobahn Beyond (for chamber orchestra). 
  • 10/2011, Fanfare of Five is selected for the concert at Midwest Composers Symposium on November 17, 2011. MCS will be hosted by IU this year. 
  • 9/2011, 云I: Windmills I-65 is selected for a sound art + new media festival - 2011 SoundCrawl on October 1st and 2nd,  in Nashville, Tennessee. 
  • 8/2011, Rainpong is selected for the concerts in the music festival - 2011 Electroacoustic Barn Dance in Virginia, October 27-29.
  • 6/2011, Lake 1B11 was listed "Highly Commended" at 2011 Recital Music Composition Competition for Double Bass.